Whether its designing and installing a new irrigation system or retrofitting an existing one, we incorporate a number of water saving features into the architecture of your irrigation system. Here are just a few of the water saving features we can install for you.

Lower your landscape maintenance costs today

Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers

Weather-based irrigation controllers give you more accurate, customized irrigation by automatically adjusting the schedule and amount of water depending on the weather conditions. This saves water by reducing unnecessary watering, and it allows you to tailor irrigation to meet your landscape's specific plant and climate needs.

Rotating Sprinkler nozzles

Multiple Rotating Streams use less water and provide healthier growth.

Soil Moisture Sensor

A soil Moisture sensor measures soil moisture content in the active root zone on your property. It saves water because it maximizes the efficiency of your irrigation system by constantly measuring the soil moisture levels which tells your controller when to water.

Water management can save you money

Making the right descisions about water management and water wise plants helps keep maintenance costs drop while increasing your landscape's health! Call for a free estimate today!

Call for a free estimate today!

Maintain your Landscape and keep your costs down

It's hot outside! Let us help you use less water!
  • Water-wise plants use little or no water once established. Shade trees help keep plants cool and less thirsty.
  • Let your grass grow higher so your lawn can grow deeper roots
  • Repair sprinklers leaks and adjust for blocked spray and runoff to avoid water waste.
  • Keep a 2 to 3 inch layer of mulch in planting beds to limit evaporation and help control weeds.
  • Encourage healthy roots with soil preparation and deep, less frequent watering